"We will go with the job, back with his experiences ...."


The purpose of this project, following the criteria that led to the creation of the company, is neither more nor less than the performance of an activity in the natural environment in this case implies a great deal of spirituality. El Camino de Santiago is not sport, not a hiker path, not a walk of several days.


Since the discovery of the tomb of St. James at Compostela in the ninth century, the Camino de Santiago became the most important pilgrimage route of medieval Europe. The passage of countless pilgrims moved by their faith on their way to Compostela from all the European countries, served as the starting point of an entire artistic development, social and economic development that left its mark all along the Camino de Santiago. But Way is not only archaeological remains of a splendid historical past, but is a living way, renovated with the passage of the new Pilgrims revive a story that is the common heritage of all peoples of Europe.

Pilgrimage to Santiago in the traditional way is not simply to go sightseeing on foot or sporting an artistic path in contact with nature. It is all that and much more. It is found in religious and historical roots of Europe, is to renew a path of inner transformation, is to walk to the rhythm of other centuries, is ... pilgrimage.

You can say many things and there are many reasons that drive us to do but probably one is the one we have promoted and none other than the experience itself. Anyone who has done, in whole or in part, he knows from experience that time is vital, not just something to tell friends, moreover, solitude, company, silences, joys, sorrows, is like a life within of life itself, a place where time seems to stop and in which a single reason to get to Santiago. It becomes much reason to live when the road ended.

It is known that the road is easy to start and when it's fatigue, discomfort, pain, fatigue, something much stronger keeps us going, take the next step: spiritual? "Pride? Perhaps no one can answer this.


Once the decision is set out, is needed awareness on the significance of the pilgrimage for us. Whatever our intent, we must assume the role of the Pilgrim: humility, openness, service to others, physical exertion, often silent, solitary moments, improvement, release of the superfluous. Reflection on these aspects and safety that one way or another we will be gratified, is an effective mental training and puts us in a position to meet the challenges of Camino.
We intend to form a heterogeneous group of people ... as it really is the Way.

In it we find people from more varied, in fact, they, you, we do ourselves the PATH.